How to Setup an Autoresponder

Setup an Autoresponder

AutoResponders require two things to work:

  1. a message saved as a template
  2. a member segment to send to (usually based on a date field)

This example shows you how to create a "Happy Birthday" AutoResponder, but you can create many types of AutoResponders based on Signup Date, Anniversary date, last transaction date, etc.

  • Create a message template to use for your AutoResponder
  • This message can be personalized using mail-merge values
  • Don't forget to save it as a Template

  • Create a segment to match who you want to send to
  • Click Members>Search

  • Enter your search criteria.
  • We'll search for Birthdays that fall on today's date

  • Save the results as a Segment.
  • You can save it even if your search returns 0 members

  • Enter the Segment details and then save it.

  • Now you can add an AutoResponder

  • Select the message and segment you created
  • Frequency lets you choose how often to send
    • daily
    • day of the week  (ex. Tuesday)
    • day of the month (ex. 5th of the month)

  • Once saved, you'll see the entry in the Send screen.
  • Your AutoResponder will send on a daily basis until you delete or pause it.

  • Hover over the info icon to quickly view the AutoResponder rules