Social Networking Tools

ListRocket offers multiple ways to take advantage of Social Networking

  • AutoTweet your message
  • Post from a hosted Archive page
  • Post From Message screen
  • Post from Home screen

Track all your social networks posts, see a geomap with location identified with a color coordinated marker for each network.??

You not only see which networks your readers are reading it, but also where they are when their reading!??

Quickly publish to Social Networks


ListRocket allows you to compose a message in our WYSIWYG editor and use it to create professional looking posts on all your favorite Social Networks.

Social networks are great tools and can reach more than just your email list. This is where ListRocket shines. Compose one message and use it for your email blast and Social Networking, all in one place.??

ListRocket offers multiple ways to post your message.???? Once you post from ListRocket you can then track all your hits, segmented by Social Network and even plotted on a map!????

It all starts with a FREE hosted archive page of your email.?? ListRocket creates a complete html webpage with unique address so you can easily share your message.?? The unique URL for your message can be pasted into an email, used as a link, or posted on your favorite Social Network.?? To make it even easier, you can post directly from within our home screen or message screen.?? Just click on the icon that represents your favorite SN and post away.



For Twitter you can have all your emails auto Tweet.?? We even provide a short url to keep you tweet short and sweet.?? Your email subject with the shortURL will be your Tweet.


Post from the Home Screen


You can use our quick stats panel to quickly post your latest message, just click the appropriate icon right under you stats and you're posting!


Post from the Message Screen

The Message Screen also allows you to post directly to your social networks, just click on the correct Icon!


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