ListRocket ProPLUS pricing

The ProPlus Plan offers enhanced reporting, full Geomapping, profile vCards, footer image swap, email personalization (mail-merge), auto-responders, full multi-client previews and more.

Includes all of our advanced features such as email personalization (mail-merge), footer logo customization, enhanced reporting, vCards and more. Pro Plus also offers you unlimited geomapping, and other unlocked features.

Full Feature List

Account Recips per Month Price per Month Price per email
Free* 100 FREE FREE
ProPlus-SB 500 $17.95 $0.0358
ProPlus-2 2,000 $29.95 $0.0158
ProPlus-5 5,000 $59.95 $0.0117
ProPlus-10 10,000 $119.95 $0.0117
ProPlus-20 20,000 $229.95 $0.0116
ProPlus-30 30,000 $339.95 $0.0113
ProPlus-40 40,000 $449.95 $0.0112
ProPlus-50 50,000 $529.95 $0.0106
ProPlus-60 60,000 $629.95 $0.0105
ProPlus-70 70,000 $719.95 $0.0103
ProPlus-80 80,000 $789.95 $0.0099
Please contact you sales representative for rates above ProPlus-80

*Free Account: You may test ListRocket at no charge. Your account offers everything a paid account offers, including the advanced features of ProPlus.Account Setup: Accounts are setup with any major credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) and are automatically debited on a monthly basis according to your initial sign-up date.

Setup Fees: There is a one-time setup fee to initialize your account. Full “Turn-Key” setup is $99.00 (recommended), which includes support for setting up your list and importing current list members. For those well versed with ESP programs, the “Self-Serve” setup is $39.00.