ListRocket Pro Pricing

Pro offers everything you need to compose, send and track your email blasts with great list management tools that will save you time and effort.

If you need advanced features such as email personalization (mail-merge), enhanced reporting, vCards and more, you can easily upgrade to ProPlus.

Full Feature List

Account Recips per Month Price per Month Price per email
Free* 100 FREE FREE
Pro-SB 500 $9.50 $0.0199
Pro-2 2,000 $17.50 $0.0088
Pro-5 5,000 $32.50 $0.0065
Pro-10 10,000 $65.00 $0.0065
Pro-20 20,000 $129.00 $0.0065
Pro-30 30,000 $189.00 $0.0063
Pro-40 40,000 $249.00 $0.0062
Pro-50 50,000 $295.00 $0.0059
Pro-60 60,000 $349.00 $0.0058
Pro-70 70,000 $399.00 $0.0057
Pro-80 80,000 $439.00 $0.0055
Please contact sales for rates above Pro-80

Free Account: Take ListRocket for a test drive at no charge. Your account offers everything a paid account offers, including the advanced features of ProPlus.Account Setup: Accounts are setup with any major credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) and are automatically debited on a monthly basis according to your initial signup date. Setup Fees: There is a one-time setup fee to initialize your account. Full “Turn-Key” setup is $99.00 (recommended), which includes support for setting up your list and importing current list members. For those who can do it all on thier own, the “Self-Serve” setup is $39.00.