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ListRocket Acquired by DocuStar

CINCINNATI, OH (May 9, 2013)β€” Digital marketing and print services provider DocuStar has acquired Cincinnati-based e-marketing tool developer ListRocket ( The deal closed on May 1, 2013.

“Our customers have been asking us for this service for years and, in fact, we were already leveraging ListRocket to satisfy those requests,” Jay Brokamp, DocuStar President and CEO, says. β€œIt made perfect sense to make this solution a permanent part of our portfolio.”

Launched as an email marketing tool in 2006 by IT consultant and programmer Arie Vandenberg, ListRocket has since evolved into an email marketing solutions provider offering list management, campaign tracking, message creation tools, surveys and event registration management, and social networking tools. Vandenberg has taken a hands-on approach in developing much of the software himself.

Read more here: ListRocket has been acquired by DocuStar

Survey, Segment and Send

New tools make your messages have Impact. Segmenting by integrated Survey Results made easy.

Simple email subscription form example by ListRocket

Learn how you can create one message and have it sent to all your contacts, no matter where they are, in your email list, a Facebook Friend,Twitter follower, or many other popular Social networks.

We are now able to help you reach your customers on topics they are really interested in hearing about.  By using our custom survey tool you can better understand your customers wants and needs, and deliver targeted information to help them with their decisions.   You can also do this without requiring a large, long intital signup form.    Over time, using multiple short surveys your clients overall interests will be collected.  You can then make sure to provide them with information pertinant to their needs. 

You will also find you have higher initial signup converstions with a short simple email list sign up form.  People don’t want an inquisition to give you their email address, make this first interaction with as little resistence as possible.

Here’s and example of a progressive data collection program.

Start with a low resistance, simple email signup form.  One that is unobtrusive and quick to fill out. (See image above)

Then within the Autoresponder sent out to confirm their membership ask that they click on a link complete their registration by taking a short survey.

Example email list sobscription email with linked Survey

We can then use the sum of the info gathered (Over multiple surveys over longer periods of time)and segment out list based on their answers: