Team Based Collaboration Tools

ListRocket is built for team collaboration and allows communication professionals to delegate responsibility and accountability among individual team members.

  • “Multi-Key” Campaign Launch Control
  • Getting it right the first time is critical to effective marketing campaigns. You can setup campaigns to launch only after one or more people approve the message from our Live Preview system. This means that you can allow a client or a message proofer to be part of the campaign launch process.

  • Extra Account Logins
  • You can add as many logins to your account as you need to. Further, you can lock individual logins to specific tasks and functions, such as Reports or Survey administration.

  • Flexible Report Routing PER List
  • Each ListRocket account contains a Global report group you can use for all of your lists and reports. You can also create separate reports/preview groups for individual lists as needed. This allows you to avoid sending reports to those team members who don’t need to see them.

  • Full Message Audit Trail
  • When you have multiple people working on a campaign, sometimes it’s hard to know who did what with a message. ListRocket tracks all message actions, showing you the history of a message from creation and modification all the way through to launch. It will also show you who approved a campaign launch by team member.