Surveys & Event Registration

ListRocket gives you the ability to create custom Surveys & Event Registration forms, then leverage ListRocket’s great member management tools to make the most of the results. This is because our Survey system is completely integrated and NOT just an “add-on” survey option.

  • Fully Integrated Survey System
  • Create surveys to gauge opinions about anything. You can create event registration forms or traditional, multi-question surveys. All surveys are hosted on ListRocket for free, however, you can also place the survey form in your own website if you like. Surveys can be·customized to suite your needs with automatic start and end dates, custom redirects after they finish the survey, and more!

  • Flexible Field Types (radio, dropdown, fillin, textarea)
  • ListRocket Surveys support virtually any kind of field type, including textbox, dropdowns, radio select, checkbox (single/multi-select), and even multi-select with “other” fill-in field. This gives you the flexibility to format your survey questions any way you like. You can also add text blocks to your survey to separate groups of questions from each other.

  • Personalize with Mail-Merge Values
  • You can user mail-merge values to create personalized surveys. Example: Place the mail-merge variable for First Name inside the survey. When a list member clicks on the survey link in your message, the survey landing page will display the person’s First name.

  • Skinnable
  • Once you create your Survey, you can surround it with a template skin. A template skin is a message template that has been modified to be used as a skin to surround your survey to give it a different look.

  • Segment/Target Members by Response
  • Our Surveys are completely integrated with the rest of the system. This means you can do more than just view the results – you can·segment members based on how they responded to the survey·and target them in the future. This is a powerful way to interact with your list base.

  • Search & Export Results to CSV file
  • You can search by response, browse through all responses one by one, view all responses in table format and export·to a CSV file.