Other Goodies

ListRocket offers more to make your life easier, including these great additions.

  • International Character Support
  • Sometimes if you’re sending in another language such as Spanish, you need support for International character sets. With ListRocket, you can specify standard (“iso-8859-1”) or International (“UTF-8”) Characterset PER LIST, so your messages will be displayed as intended. We also support single quotes in email addresses, so a list member with the email of “o’mally@somehost.com” will stay intact.

  • Dedicated IPs available on request.
  • If you’re a big sender, you may want to have a dedicated server so you’re not sharing your IP with anyone else. We can setup a dedicated email server just for you if you wish to go this route. Contact support for more info.

  • Customized Message Footers
  • You can customize your message footers per list and segment. Footers always contain CAN-SPAM compliant elements such as an optout link and your physical address. These elements can also be·broken up and placed anywhere inside your message to fit with your own message design.

  • Full Agency/Reseller Program
  • Communication professionals can take advantage of our Agency program to resell ListRocket services to their own clients. As an Agency, you can create and have total control over as many subaccounts·as you need to serve your clients. Billing is handled two ways, either passing the send fees through to the Agency account or·using a credit card to pay for the subaccount separately. As an Agency, you get pricing discounts based on your total send volume.

  • Multiple Logins with Custom Access Rights
  • ListRocket is built for teams. You can add as many logins to the same account as you need, and then assign specific access rights to each login.

  • Skinnable Public Pages (profiles,surveys,etc.)
  • Public pages such as member profile screens and signup forms can be skinned with your own design. Just form a message template especially to be used as a skin template, then select it under Setup>Website Integration.

  • XML Data Exchange (backend)
  • You can send subscriber data to your list via XML and push member updates via XML out to anther database.