Message Creation Tools

With ListRocket you’re not limited to one way of creating content for your email & social campaigns. Start with a template, upload a Word document or create from scratch. You can also email message content to your account via RocketProxy, a ListRocket exclusive!

  • 100+ Design Templates
  • Start your message from any one of our professional, pre-build templates. Then modify it and save it as one of your own templates for easy recall later.

  • e-mail Attachments
  • Send attachments with your message, such as PDF and Word files. You can also upload your file and link to it inside your message.

  • Mail-Merge personalization with online preview & blank checking
  • Personalize your emails by placing mail-merge variables inside your  message body and subject line. You can also use them in your email headers (To: & From:) to include the recipient’s first & last name. Real time preview allows you to view each recipient’s message as it will look to them when sent. You can even check for blank records so you can correct them before you send your message.

  • Message Version Recall
  • If you need to recall a previously saved version of a message, you can with ListRocket. This is great if you save a message incorrectly and need to revert to a previous version.

  • Rich Message Editor
  • You can format your message with our WYSIWYG editor. Our editor has 3 tabs: Design, Source and Preview. Design is very similar to Outlook. Source allows you to edit the HTML code. Preview displays what your message will look like to the recipient.

  • MS-Word to e-mail Converter
  • You can automatically convert your MS Word files to email compatible format with our Word Converter. Just upload it and click the Convert button!

  • Single e-mail to e-mail Blast (RocketProxy)
  • Compose your message with any email program, like Outlook. Every list has a special email address you can use to send messages to The messages received by this address will then be saved to ListRocket and sent to your email list after you approve it! This makes it very convenient to send messages from your own email program such as Outlook or Thunderbird without even logging into ListRocket. You also have the option to surround your message with a template.

  • Webpage to e-mail Converter
  • You can convert most simple webpages into email compatible format to be used as a message or template. ListRocket gives you the option to leave the image URLs alone or to save them to your image folder and call them from there. One the easiest ways to setup your own branded email template is by loading one of your own pages into the editor and saving it as a template! While most webpages will load, some may not due to complex formatting or design.

  • Automatic PDF of Message
  • When you send a message, it will also be converted to PDF format. This can be downloaded and saved, or accessed from the Public Archive page by your subscribers.