Campaign Launch Controls

ListRocket gives you ultimate control of your campaigns and allows you to work in teams to preview & launch each campaign. No other email & social publishing tool offers more control!

  • Single or Multi-Person Preview/Approval System
  • ListRocket is built for teams. Live Preview allows you to set up single or multiple preview people who will receive and approve email to go out. This is great for organizations and teams that require more than one person to approve a message. To add even more flexibility, each list can have it’s own preview group assigned to it!

  • Automated posting to Twitter/Facebook+
  • Cross publish your email message to Twitter and Facebook at the same time·you send it to your list. This means easy cross platform publishing of your message. Authorize ListRocket to post to your social accounts once, and it’ll be available from then on with the check of a box! We support automatic Facebook profile and fan/business page updates.

  • Time Based Message Scheduling
  • Scheduling allows you to send your message immediately or any time in the future.

  • Hosted Public Archive/Share page with RSS feed
  • Each list comes with it’s own Public Archive·where past messages·can be viewed and shared·by anyone. This Archive page also features an RSS feed that can be followed by anyone who used an RSS reader. RSS readers are available for many platforms, including virtually all web browsers, smart phones, blogs and website platforms.

  • Followup Wizards (clicks, open, unopened)
  • When you send a message, you can then use the Followup Wizard to schedule a 2nd message targeting list members who did or did not open your email, or who clicked on a certain link inside your message.