ListRocket is a feature rich professional internet marketing tool. It is designed to give you a great deal of flexibility and convenience. Create one message in ListRocket using a multitude of options, and distribute it to all your internet lists, Email and Social Networks.

List & Member Management

    • Advanced List Import/Update

Expert import allows you to Add, Update or Append to your current list, including updating or replacing profile data of current list members with new data.

    • Express List Import

Importing your list couldn’t be easier with Express Import. Upload your CSV file and Express Import will also create your custom field names from your header line automatically (ex. First Name, Last Name) and extra member profile data if it’s in the file.

    • Flexible Profile Field Types

You can select from a wide variety of field types to hold your profile data, including dropdowns, radio select, checkbox (single/multi-select), and more. These fields will be displayed in the member profile browser and the public profile page for each member.

    • Global Suppression List

If you currently have a do-not-email list, you can add these contacts to your Global Suppression list so they never get emailed. This applies even if they appear on multiple lists in your account.

    • Flexible Signup Forms

You can put your signup email forms anywhere you like, on your website, your Facebook page, etc. You can also specify post-signup redirects to take them to your own “Thanks for signing up” page if you want to.

    • Intuitive Member Profile Browser with Quick Search

Our member detail browser is built for speed and feels more like a CRM system. If you’re tried of the clunky member browsers offered by the competition, you’ve come to the right place. Quick Search allows you to find an email contact in a snap by typing the email address into the search box. Any matches will appear immediately.

    • List Prune based on Member history

If you have list members who have taken no action in a long time, List Prune allows you to isolate and remove them based on last action date. Example: You can search for members with no action history in the last 12 months and change them to Inactive so you no longer send to them.

    • Powerful Search/Mass-Modify

If you want to change a particular profile field for multiple list profiles at once, Mass Modify allows you to do it in a few steps. You can also use this in conjunction with our Random Search query and Mail-Merge to do A/B testing!

    • Unlimited Lists & Segments

Create as many lists and list segments as you need. Any way you can search by member profile field, you can then save as a segment to target this group. Example: To target members based on City or State. Just search for the City to target and save it as a segment to send to.

    • Free-form Tagged Segment

You can easily send to select members of a list by tagging them from the member listing. You can think of this as a “free-form” segment you can use when you want to send to members that you can’t easily segment with a standard search.

    • Send Throttling per list

Throttling allows you to limit the amount of emails sent per hour. If you wish to slow down your send rate so you don’t overwhelm recipient email servers, you can set this under List Properties. Throttling is customizable per list.

Campaign Launch Controls

    • Single or Multi-Person Preview/Approval System

ListRocket is built for teams. Live Preview allows you to set up single or multiple preview people who will receive and approve email to go out. This is great for organizations and  teams that require more than one person to approve a message. To add even more flexibility, each list can have it’s own preview group assigned to it!

    • Automatic Optout processing

All emails contain a profile link where list members can opt themselves out. This means you never have to manually do this. Our emails also comply with Optout button requests used by major email services such as Hotmail and Gmail.

    • Bounce classification/processing

Handling bounces properly is a big reason to use ListRocket. We filter bounces based on either “hard” or “soft” bounce types and take appropriate action. Soft bounces are caused by temporary problems such as “mailbox full”. Hard bounces mean the email address is no longer active or is not found and will be automatically reclassified as “inactive” so they are not sent to in the future.

    • Automated posting to Twitter/Facebook+

Cross publish your email message to Twitter and Facebook at the same time you send it to your list. This means easy cross platform publishing of your message. Authorize ListRocket to post to your social accounts once, and it’ll be available from then on with the check of a box! We support automatic Facebook profile and fan/business page updates.

    • Message Scheduling

Scheduling allows you to send your message immediately or any time in the future.

    • Hosted Public Archive/Share page with RSS feed

Each list comes with it’s own Public Archive where past messages can be viewed and shared by anyone. This Archive page also features an RSS feed that can be followed by anyone who used an RSS reader. RSS readers are available for many platforms, including virtually all web browsers, smart phones, blogs and website platforms.

    • Followup Wizards (clicks, open, unopened)

When you send a message, you can then use the Followup Wizard to schedule a 2nd message targeting list members who did or did not open your email, or who clicked on a certain link inside your message.

Message Creation Tools

    • 100+ Design Templates

Start your message from any one of our professional, pre-build templates. Then modify it and save it as one of your own templates for easy recall later.

    • e-mail Attachments

Send attachments with your message, such as PDF and Word files. You can also upload your file and link to it inside your message.

    • Mail-Merge personalization with online preview & blank checking

Personalize your emails by placing mail-merge variables inside your message body and subject line. You can also use them in your email headers (To: & From:) to include the recipient’s first & last name. Real time preview allows you to view each recipient’s message as it will look to them when sent. You can even check for blank records so you can correct them before you send your message.

    • Message Version Recall

If you need to recall a previously saved version of a message, you can with ListRocket. This is great if you save a message incorrectly and need to revert to a previous version.

    • Rich Message Editor

You can format your message with our WYSIWYG editor. Our editor has 3 tabs: Design, Source and Preview. Design is very similar to Outlook. Source allows you to edit the HTML code. Preview displays what your message will look like to the recipient.

    • MS-Word to e-mail Converter

You can automatically convert your MS Word files to email compatible format with our Word Converter. Just upload it and click the Convert button!

    • Single e-mail to e-mail Blast (RocketProxy)

Compose your message with any email program, like Outlook. Every list has a special email address you can use to send messages to @listrocket.com. The messages received by this address will then be saved to ListRocket and sent to your email list after you approve it! This makes it very convenient to send messages from your own email program such as Outlook or Thunderbird without even logging into ListRocket. You also have the option to surround your message with a template.

    • Webpage to e-mail Converter

You can convert most simple webpages into email compatible format to be used as a message or template. ListRocket gives you the option to leave the image URLs alone or to save them to your image folder and call them from there. One the easiest ways to setup your own branded email template is by loading one of your own pages into the editor and saving it as a template! While most webpages will load, some may not due to complex formatting or design.

    • Automatic PDF of Message

When you send a message, it will also be converted to PDF format. This can be downloaded and saved, or accessed from the Public Archive page by your subscribers.

Campaign Result Tracking

    • A/B Split Testing

A/B testing is used to send a message to your list with slightly different content so you can test which variation returns a better open or click rate. Marketing professionals use this technique to fine tune their marketing campaigns. You can also do reverse-split test by creating two segments and then comparing open/click state between the two.

    • Automatic open/click tracking

View exactly who opened your message and who didn’t. You can also view who clicked what and segment/target members who clicked on specific links.

    • e-mail Forward Tracking

ListRocket tracks how many times a list member forwards your message to friends. This kind of forward is when a recipient forwards your message to friends from their own email program. This is great to see who your most valuable members are!

    • Email Open Geomapping

You can view all your opens plotted on Google Maps, so you can see where you subscribers are. You can view member details by hovering over each point on the map.

    • Flexible Report Routing

ListRocket is build for teams. You can use the global report group for routing or create a separate report group for any list. This gives you the flexibility to route ListRocket reports only to those who need to receive them.

    • Member History Detail (opens/clicks/forwards)

The list member browser also includes a full member history detail screen that displays opens and clicks, IP and date of optins/optouts as well as forwards! No other ESP offers such rich detail about your list members.

    • Message Edit/Send History

Every message has an audit trail as Message History. This allows you to see when a message was created, edited and sent. This is invaluable if you need to view the exact history of a specific message before or after it’s been sent.

Surveys & Event Registration

    • Fully Integrated Survey System

Create surveys to gauge opinions about anything. You can create event registration forms or traditional, multi-question surveys. All surveys are hosted on ListRocket for free, however, you can also place the survey form in your own website if you like. Surveys can be customized to suite your needs with automatic start and end dates, custom redirects after they finish the survey, and more!

    • Flexible Field Types (radio, dropdown, fillin, textarea)

ListRocket Surveys support virtually any kind of field type, including textbox, dropdowns, radio select, checkbox (single/multi-select), and even multi-select with “other” fill-in field. This gives you the flexibility to format your survey questions any way you like. You can also add text blocks to your survey to separate groups of questions from each other.

    • Personalize with Mail-Merge Values

You can user mail-merge values to create personalized surveys. Example: Place the mail-merge variable for First Name inside the survey. When a list member clicks on the survey link in your message, the survey landing page will display the person’s First name.

    • Skinnable

Once you create your Survey, you can surround it with a template skin. A template skin is a message template that has been modified to be used as a skin to surround your survey to give it a different look.

    • Segment/Target Members by Response

Our Surveys are completely integrated with the rest of the system. This means you can do more than just view the results – you can segment members based on how they responded to the survey and target them in the future. This is a powerful way to interact with your list base.

    • Search & Export Results to CSV file

You can search by response, browse through all responses one by one, view all responses in table format and export to a CSV file.

Other Goodies You’ll Like

    • Dedicated IPs available on request.

If you’re a big sender, you may want to have a dedicated server so you’re not sharing your IP with anyone else. We can setup a dedicated email server just for you if you wish to go this route. Contact support for more info.

    • Auto-Responders

If you want to automatically send a message to members who fit a specific search criteria, use an Auto-Responder. Each day, an Auto-Responder will look and see if any members of your list match a specific search, then send the message to them. Example: You can send birthday notices to list members who supply their birthday info when they signup to your list. Each day, only members who’s birthday fall on today’s date will receive the message, “Happy Birthday”.

    • Customized Message Footers

You can customize your message footers per list and segment. Footers always contain CAN-SPAM compliant elements such as an optout link and your physical address. These elements can also be broken up and placed anywhere inside your message to fit with your own message design.

    • Full Agency/Reseller Program

Communication professionals can take advantage of our Agency program to resell ListRocket services to their own clients. As an Agency, you can create and have total control over as many subaccounts as you need to serve your clients. Billing is handled two ways, either passing the send fees through to the Agency account or using a credit card to pay for the subaccount separately. As an Agency, you get pricing discounts based on your total send volume.

    • Multiple Logins with Custom Access Rights

ListRocket is built for teams. You can add as many logins to the same account as you need, and then assign specific access rights to each login.

    • Skinnable Public Pages (profiles,surveys,etc.)

Public pages such as member profile screens and signup forms can be skinned with your own design. Just form a message template especially to be used as a skin template, then select it under Setup>Website Integration.

    • XML Data Exchange (backend)

You can send subscriber data to your list via XML and push member updates via XML out to anther database.