April 2012 Newsletter

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Peter Borden, Strategic Initiatives Officer of the AMT, Tells Us....What The Economy Will Do In The Next 9-12 Months

Written by Peter Borden, CMTSE Strategic Initiatives Officer, AMT-The Association for Manufacturing Technology

Ask the Magic 8 Ball: 2012 Edition

When some of us were much younger, toy stores sold something called the Magic 8 Ball. You would ask the black ball a question, shake it, turn it over, and an answer would pop up to the clear eye on the bottom. Phrases such as ‘absolutely, yes’, ‘it is decidedly so’, or ‘it looks favorable’, were some of my favorites when I was 8 or 10. However, you quickly learned that if you asked the question the right way, the answer was always the right one! The machine tool and manufacturing sectors experienced an increase of over 40% in 2010 and then over 50% in 2011. With that in mind, what does the magic ball say about manufacturing for 2012? Can it really keep going up? Well the economists I am reading and heard last week at our annual meeting tell me, “Yes, it is decidedly so!!” Most have suggested that another increase of 10-15% is very possible and in fact probable.


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Recognizing the Swiss Advantage

Article From: 11/12/2010 Modern Machine Shop, Derek Korn

A growing number of job shops have realized that multifunction Swiss-type lathes can make them more competitive. This Ohio shop explains how and why it integrated its first Swiss-types and shares some of what it has learned along the way.

Screw machine shops were the first to integrate CNC Swiss-type lathes when they were introduced some years ago. Such shops primarily used cam-actuated screw machines for parts production because that equipment offered speed, reliability and productivity for high-volume work. CNC Swiss-types complemented those shops’ mechanical machines by providing the flexibility to produce smaller batches of precision turned parts.


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Being From The Nintendo Generation

Our Applications Engineer, Joe Thole, speaks about his generation as it relates to manufacturing and how to apply new techniques to improve WIP. Read more.

The Latest PMI Looks Pretty Good

Find out what the experts are saying about the Purchasers Managers Index and why the outlook is good!

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Hartwig Announced Machine Tool Dealer Of The Year

The Hartwig group was recognized for the exceptional level of sales generation conducted in 2011. A well-deserved achievement, Hartwig proved to be a...

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